A Real Learning Place

Give wings to your child’s potential

Help your child learn how to grow up to
full potential. Give your child the best
education at Shikshalaya – a school under
Applied Scholastics International, USA.

Applied Scholastics International Schools have produced some of the Youngest Entrepreneurs, many Top Actors (of Hollywood) & Great Musicians

Shikshalaya brings to you the real answer to today’s education crisis

At Shikshalaya the emphasis in the curriculum is not only on extraordinary high standards of the academics but also on what is missing in most schools like learning to take care of self, health learning social values and how to handle relationship.
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learn-how to-learn

Let your child benefit from
a revolutionary Study Technology

At Sikshalaya your child will be introduced to L. Ron Hubbard's revolutionary study technology.
Throughout his life he continually probed to discover the factors that made learning a challenge and sought to find solutions to those barriers.
Here, children don’t "mug up" information to get high grades and then fail in the life later.
At Sikshalaya they conceptually understand everything they learn and can apply it in day to day life to make life of self and others beautiful.
6 Reasons Why Your Child Should Study at Shikshalaya
Children learn what is harmful for body,
what to eat and what not
Children learn science of human relationships and techniques to handle them well
Children learn to look after themselves and close ones
At Sikshalaya children embrace strong social values that help them throughout the life
Children learn to explore self, and how to grow up to full potential
And, extraordinary high standard of study of other academics like Science & Math etc.
Classes and Activities at Sikshalaya

Sikshalaya is a unique learning place for the kids of 1 (one) to 10 (ten) age group. Sikshalaya
offers academic teaching from Pre Nursery to Junior School, Elite Tuition and other activities.

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      Art School
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      Vocal Music
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    Presentation Skills
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    Development Course
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  • exllent
    Computer Skills
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    Spoken English
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    How To Learn
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    Logical Thinking
    & Ethical Values
What Positive Change This Technology Can Bring In
stinder I see Angad is more responsible now - has
more integrity. I noticed around his cousins,
he could stand up to his own ideas and
doesn't go down normally which is Great.
– Satinder Chawla (Angad’s father)
stinder I myself have studied with Study tech
and it has made me a independent and
responsible student, who can fully take responsibility of his... read more
– Angad Chawla (Student at Delphi School)
Even if you have to drive every day several miles to make it
possible for your child to come to Shikshalaya, for this he
will thank you his whole life!!
To find out why, call: 08826980048 or e-mail: shikshalayaschool@gmail.com
Visit us at 10B Mathura Road Jangpura B, New Delhi-110014 (Near Rajdoot Hotel)
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